Current Club Executives

Club President Cassidy ElDarazi

Cassidy ElDarazi

Cassidy (He/Him) is a business administration student with a major in accounting. Previously he has worked in public service and food services. Cassidy is heavily invested in the mental health services offered in the 2SLGBTQ+ community and strives to ensure queer persons can have access to necessary services. In his spare time, he enjoys video games, Magic: The Gathering and board games.

Vice President
Jamie Schnell

Jamie (He/Him) is a Bachelor of Business Administration student with a major in Human Resources. Jamie holds a BSc in psychology from the University of Lethbridge and his background includes high-end retail. His hobbies include cooking and fashion.

Club Vice President Jamie Schnell

Executive Administrator
Grace Strath

Grace (She/They) is a Library Information Technology student. Grace has a background in veteranary reception and technical assistant work. Her hobbies include art, Nintendo/Indie gaming and being a single mom to her two cats.

VP Marketing
Ting-Huei Chen

Ting (She/Her) is a New Media Production and Design student. She previously worked as a product designer in the jewelry industry. Ting’s hobbies include cooking, coding and photography.

Director of Graphic Design
MJ Karlese

MJ (She/Her) is a first year Journalism student and a freelance writer and photographer. Her hobbies include reading, whittling, and taking pictures. 

VP Operations
Rebekah Bulych

Rebekah (She/Her) is an Information Technology student with a major in Software Development. Rebekha’s passion for tech is driven by her unbridled thirst for knowledge and her pastimes reflect this. Currently she enjoys ethical hacking competitions, learning about game design, playing a wide range of video games from various genres and building computers.

VP of Operations Rebekah Bulych

Emily Goretsky

Emily (She/Her) is a Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism student as well as having a diploma in the SAIT Professional Cooking program. Her interests include hiking, video games, and of course food.

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